Crossfit-day 1

I had planned for my second day of blogging posting to be about dating but that never happened.

Feelings, ideas, and things come up and sometimes it just does not happen..and that is okay. I am continuing to strive and accept!

Day one of “Be Jordan” was awesome.

Day two was a bore. 

Day three I went…yes went to a crossfit class. I had many thoughts before the 5pm class that I could just skip and try again another day. But I did it and loved it. 

The crossfit intro class I attended was the fastest hour of my life. As I walked into the gym, I felt like I had 20 super fit people looking at me and this was followed by “Johnny, new intro!”. So my cool , collected, confident self was blown right away because I had to walk past every single person in the current class being held. I was asked to sit and fill out a form and the coach would be with me in a few. I was thrilled when I made it to my seat (wooooo). 

After a few minutes I finally looked up and started to look around the room and check out the others now that they were not all staring at me. This is something I really want to work on….not being so nervous and making eye contact with a group of people when I walk into a resturant, office, room, whereever it may be. Anyways, there were a range of ages and levels of intensity which made me excited to be out there one day. 

We got started with some basics and before I knew it we were working out and it lasted about 7 minutes. I was out of breathe, shaking, and had more confidence then when I walked in but still not enough to make direct eye contact as I walked past the expereinced crossfitters. 

I enjoyed the worokout and I can see myself making lots of friends in the gym. Overall, I had a great first expereiece and signed for my second class this morning. 

Signing up for the second class was an exciting thought because I felt like I have the opportunity to get in to really good shape but when I clicked reserve I instantly thought about the class make up itself. Will there be only guys in the noon class? Will I be the  only new crossfitter? Do you sign in when you get there? Will they recongnize me from last night? or will I need to tell them “I came last night to the intro class and this is my first real class…?

However, through writing this post I have already dissolved some of my nerves and confirm that every single person at the noon class today has been ME. I am going to strive to go to crossfit classes, strive to be in shape, strive to build muslce. I am going to accept my nerves, I am going to accept my newness, Iam going to accept the time it takes to become better, and I am going to accept being Jordan. 



DeDe to Date

I woke this morning motivated to do something totally different with my day off. I did the typical Today show, laying on the couch, petting my puppy. Then I got dressed. . .real clothes (big deal because I tend to throw on gym shorts and a big shirt any chance I can). I hopped in the car, popped in an audio-book (new thing  for me), and made my way to the coffee shop to begin this journey. And so it begins. .

 I am a young lady with a lot of dreams who is ready to share my life as a child-loving, organized-messy, datable chick. I learn best from others, therefore, its my time to act how I want to feel. I want to learn from others and hope others can learn from me. This blog is being started on a muggy morning in Baton Rouge at a Coffee Shop with 5 retired men sitting near by chatting. I feel like I am inspired to create something major and meet someone major. 
I began reading “The Happiness Project” a week ago after my older sister quietly hinted the recommendation. After reading the wonderfully written book for about 4 minutes, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be in that moment. I NEEDED this book! Right away I became a person who wanted to indulge  in reading and learning more about myself physically and emotionally. And through this blog I will begin to tell you about how I put Gretchen Rubin’s ideas to work in my busy-not-so-busy life (excuses I use often that I will touch on later). 

A little about myself:  I am a Kindergarten teacher August-May and a DeDe (nanny) by summer. Work is the second most important (family being first) thing to me as it has always been present. Working with children is my ‘thang’. With that being said I moved to Baton Rouge 6 months ago and hit the ground running looking for childcare jobs. I have met two wonderful families and work often for both. The term DeDe was introduced to me by the Indian family in which I now nanny and tutor their two girls. DeDe, or DiDi, or DeeDee means older respected sister (I had no idea until I was told quickly, as they rushed me in the door to show me around their house at our first meeting). The two indian girls that I tutor and babysit refer to me as DeDe instead of calling me by my first name. 

Tomorrows’s Topic: The Date